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Polaris Retreat recognizes there are many forms of addiction now reaching epidemic levels. At our retreat, we accept guests who are ready to recognize the difficulty of facing an issue alone. We will be ready to provide each guest with the tailored support and the nurturing, healthy environment that will allow them focus on all aspects of being well and staying well: physical health, nutrition, mental outlook, support systems, and planning for the future. The Polaris way is a process that takes a mental, physical, and environmental approach to better enable each person to reach the goal of rebalance and restoration. We take a holistic approach by making healthy choices in every area of daily life - so that every guest moves as seamlessly onto a new path. 

Our Facility

Polaris’ team members are creating a unique gathering place with a holistic focus on recovery, in all its forms. Our haven provides a nurturing environment that will cater to guests who have the appropriate financial support from private health insurance benefits or with the capability of private pay. The purpose of the visit is to receive the topmost level of addiction management and care available today.  Resources will be available from experts in the areas at issue, in a setting that will provide the most focused process to achieve the end goal.


Our philosophy adopts the concept that illness has physical, psychological and social components and therefore, requires equal attention in all those areas.  Surroundings make all the difference - being in the right environment is the first step to being on the right path. We believe that the benefit of a tranquil, supportive location is a critical first step in an ongoing recovery plan. Polaris Retreat has a focus on the overall environment to provide a solid foundation on which to build a new outlook once you leave our haven. We are not a halfway house, or a daily outsource clinic. Our client mission is geared to the type of professional that wants to address an issue proactively and with a circle of support in an environment that allows a fresh approach, in a private and relaxed setting.


At Polaris, we will strive to provide guests with the safest, most relaxing and most comfortable environment. Our luxury setting provides the tranquil respite from stressful conditions, and will allow our guest to recover safely and privately. Polaris staff will help guide guests into the next phase of their recovery when their time at the retreat has come to an end. When guests check out of the retreat, they will be completely prepared to engage in the next steps of the renewal process and be ready to embrace their future.

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